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The Hetsroni Affair

The Amir Hetsroni Affair

    For the past 2 years, Amir Hetsroni has been the local hero of the Israeli Left because he was devoting his time to attacking Ariel University and appeared to be the victim of academic persecution by the school.  The school is located in "occupied" territory in the West Bank, which enrages the Left.   Hetsroni was on the faculty there in the department of communications until he was fired, and the firing was allegedly because of hostile comments he made in his classroom about and towards women.
    In spite of the "political incorrectness" of those comments, he became a sort of rallying hero for the Left, which suddenly hailed him as a "victim" - indeed a martyr - of Ariel University's supposed intolerance of academic freedom.  He was proclaimed the mascot of academic freedom by Haaretz (
   Hetsroni went on a media crusade against the school, which he quickly expanded to a blanket endorsement of the entire agenda of the radical Left.  He appeared to be choosing his increasingly extremist leftist rhetoric and political positions based on his anger at Ariel and his intention to escalate the vendetta against it.   He filed suits against the head of the University and also against a professor at Ben Gurion University who had claimed he was mentally ill (that prof backed down and apologized).  While Hetsroni had  been considered somewhat Right-wing when he joined Ariel University, in his vendetta against the school he issued call after call for Palestinian statehood and ending "occupation."  In this year's election he endorsed the Stalinist-jihadist Arab anti-Israel Unity Party.
     In the past two weeks, Hetsroni went on a bizarre campaign of defamation against Mizrachi Jews.  (see  The police are threatening to indict him on "racism" charges.   He was kicked off a TV show where he insulted a Moroccan Jewish woman crudely and described Israel in the 1950s as "opening her legs" in order to allow unfit Oriental Jews to enter the country.  His unhinged vulgarity convinced many that he is mentally unstable.  Some suggest he is deserving of pity rather than rage. He announced he was leaving Israel for Iceland in disgust at what Israel had become. He has not found any other academic position in Israel and is unlikely to find any.  
    The significant part of the story is that suddenly Ariel University has emerged as the good guy in all this.  The Left had adopted the Hetsroni "cause" when he was fired by Ariel as a bludgeon to demonize the school.  Now nearly everyone in Israel seems to understand that the school had made the correct call.  Hetsroni really does not belong there.  
    Israeli leftists had been reprinting and posting every message of Hetsroni attacking the school and also the "occupation."  But in light of Hetsroni's deranged ravings over the past two weeks, suddenly - ah so suddenly - the Left has lost all interest in identifying with and championing him and his "martyrdom.".  I wonder why.

2.   At last a BDS campaign we can all support: 

The Israeli Left and Its Captive Media Get Clobbere




The Israeli Left and Its Captive Media Get Clobbered

Posted By Steven Plaut On March 25, 2015

By far the most important aspect of the recent Likud victory was that once and for all everyone in the world could see how biased and unrepresentative the Israeli media are. With the exception of the freebie Israel Hayom, almost the entire print media in Israel are leftist, and with no exception at all the television and radio stations are also.  The media in Israel operated a naked jihad against Netanyahu in the months before the election, candidly promoting a victory for the Labor Party's Herzog team and his day camp staff.

The media made no attempt to disguise their partisan agenda.  The bias in the Israeli media rivals that in the Soviet media before perestroika.  Almost every page in Haaretz and Yediotwas an anti-Likud propaganda sheet.  Channel Ten Television, propped up by state subsidies and handouts from the Likud government, was at least as biased and at least as open about campaigning for the Left.  The bias extended down into the countless "polls" of voters that invariably showed Herzog with a strong lead over Netanyahu.   When the media awoke from their wet dream after the poll booths closed, they reluctantly reported that "Netanyahu had made a comeback from behind."   Bullfeathers.  Netanyahu was never behind.  The media had invented a myth about Herzog being in the lead and they stuck to it.

By the morning after the election the entire media Titanic had sunk beneath the waves, after striking the iceberg of reality.   It turns out that Israelis ignored the media seeking to "educate" them and instead they voted their own consciences.   The media moguls will never forgive them for this.  If anything, the arrogant insults hurled at voters for the "Right" just before the election by journalists and by artsy folks helped turn out the Likud vote.

The Left believed its own media fabrications.  The Labor Party had reserved the large Rabin Square in Tel Aviv to hold its victory celebrations for the night after the voting.  Labor Party activists had put out their own special newspaper, "Israel Tomorrow," to outline the agenda they would pursue after their victory.  It is now being used to wrap fish.  The Israeli stock market bounced up 1.5% the day after the election.

One of the greatest pleasures of the past week has been reading Haaretz and Yediot, the two monolithically leftist Israeli print dailies.  Schadenfreude has never been so sweet!  Both had been part of the local conspiracy to pass a law that would have shut down the one Israeli newspaper that refused to toe the Leftist line, Israel Hayom.  That bill got stuck in parliament and now will never pass.  The squeals of anguish and agony from these two newspapers are by far the most entertaining pastime in all of Israel this past week, even better than watching the pre-Passover spring bloom of the trees and wildflowers.

The media Politruks were besides themselves with shock and awe.  Democracy in Israel is dead, they chanted in unison, since real democracy must result in their own candidates winning.  Haaretz was filled with columnists denouncing the putrid ingratitude of the Israeli people and their suicidal death wish manifested in their failure to vote for the Left.  A leading leftist author, Alona Kimhi, denounced Israelis who voted for the Likud as superstitious Neanderthals. She added: "Drink some cyanide, f—ing Neanderthals. You won. Only death will save you from yourselves."

Others in the Israeli Fascist Left launched a new campaign — one in which they are calling for retaliation against the working-class Israelis and residents of low-income "development towns" because these people overwhelmingly supported Netanyahu and the rest of the "Israeli Right." The Leftist campaign is calling itself Lo Letet (Do not Give), and its Facebook page is here.

So here we have the spectacle of the same Leftists who pretend that they care about the underclass of low-income and working-class people now demanding that all social programs designed to assist such people in Israel be blocked as retaliation for their having voted Likud.  Among the proposals of these enlightened progressive folks are to oppose raising the minimum wage, a remarkable idea since raising the minimum wage does not even help low-income people, and also to oppose welfare spending that could benefit working-class Israelis.  In other words, the Left does not really care about low-income working-class people except as a tool that might jettison the Left into power.  If low-income people dare to defy the Plantation Leftists and vote conservative, the Left wants them stripped of all support, funding that they now demand be refocused on the Northern Tel Aviv yuppie population.

The ink on the results of the election was not yet dry when the Leftist media were back in form, with their warnings of impending Netanyahu-produced doom.  Israel will be isolated and destroyed for resisting capitulation to the demands of the Left and their "Palestinian" house pets, proclaim the media in near unison.  Haaretz warns that the new government will launch a series of "anti-democratic bills."   When Haaretz and the Left speak about "anti-democratic bills," what they really mean is democratic reforms, such as a law reining in Israel's out-of-control imperious Supreme Court.   That Court with its "judicial activism" ideology has been attempting to exercise judicial tyranny, insisting it has the right to invent laws the parliament opposes and block those the parliament passes.

The Supreme Court has for a generation attempted to suppress the will of the people through their parliament and replace it with diktats from unelected leftist judges who micro-manage the entire country in everything from military policy to job appointments.  Refoming and restraining the Court may be the most important challenge of all for the new government.  Haaretz is also worried that a new law might require that the picayune radical leftist anti-Israel NGOs operating within Israel and seeking to undermine the country might be required to reveal the sources of their funding.  Oy Veh.

Of course the most important lesson from the election is that the two-state fantasy is dead in Israel.  Very few Israelis ever believed that "two-states" was a "solution" of any sorts to the Middle East conflict, as opposed to being a recipe for endless Islamofascist terrorist aggression launched against the rump Israel from the "Palestinian" terror entity to be established in the suburbs of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.   The only party running in the election on an unequivocal unconditional platform endorsing creation of a "Palestinian state" was Meretz and it got 4% of the vote, just barely squeaking in past the minimal vote threshold level for parliamentary representation.

The "United Arab List," which is an amalgam of Stalinist and jihadist Arab factions whose only common denominator is opposition to the existence of Israel, is not really in favor of a two-state solution but rather in an Exterminate Israel solution.  The Labor Party of Isaac Herzog is on paper in favor of a Palestinian state subject to a whole bunch of conditions and caveats, but it did not run on a Two-State Solution platform.  Two States were never even mentioned by it.  Its entire campaign was based on trying to convince people to vote for it because Netanyahu is such a cretin, and the result was that it got less than 1 vote in 5.

The golfer in the White House may groan all he wants, and so can his Secretary of State with the bad haircut.  Obama is still complaining because Netanyahu pointed out that Arab voters in Israel were being bused in to vote with funds coming from outside Israel and so Jewish Israelis should also vote in droves.  How racist of him.   Yet all those funds smuggled in to the leftist Israeli NGOs campaigning to topple Netanyahu did not help the Left.  Israelis made their position clear.   They are not willing to commit national suicide to please Obama and the Eurotrash.  "Two-states" is a nonstarter.  Don't even raise it as a discussion point option.


2.  Obama's Tantrum:



The Short Guide to Middle East Zoology
Many people today are confused as to what characterizes an Israeli Leftist and how this species differs from others, including rational homo sapiens. To help things along we have composed this guide for identifying them:

*. Israeli Leftists: Believe the only way to defeat terrorism is by agreeing to the demands of the terrorists.

Non-Leftists: Believe the only way to defeat terrorism is by terrorizing the terrorists

*. Israeli Leftists: Believe the entire Middle East conflict is about the attempt to deny self-determination to Palestinians.

Non-Leftists: Believe the entire Middle East conflict is about the attempt to deny self-determination to Jews.

*. Israeli Leftists: Believe the key to peace is removing Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.

Non-Leftists: Believe the key to peace is removing PLO/Hamas occupation of Israeli lands.

*. Israeli Leftists: Believe that PLO violence is because Israel was not generous enough in its offers to the Palestinians.

Non-Leftists: Believe that PLO violence is caused by any offers of concessions to the Palestinians.

*. Israeli Leftists: Believe that Israeli gestures and concessions reassure the Palestinians and make them more moderate.

Non-Leftists: Believe that Israeli gestures and concessions convince the Arabs that Israel is weak, vulnerable, and destroyable.

*. Israeli Leftists: Believe that current Palestinian violence and atrocities are caused by Israel's refusal to remove Jewish settlements from the West Bank and Gaza.

Non-Leftists: Believe that current Palestinian violence and atrocities are caused by Israel's removing Jewish settlements from Gaza's Hamastan and from the West Bank.

*. Israeli Leftists: Believe that peace can only be achieved through granting statehood to the Palestinians.

Non-Leftists: Believe that peace can only be achieved through Denazification of the Palestinians.

*. Israeli Leftists: Believe that the quintessence of the Middle East conflict is the injustice perpetrated against Arabs by Jews.

Non-Leftists: Believe that the quintessence of the Middle East conflict is the injustice perpetrated against Jews by Arabs.

*. Israeli Leftists: Insist Jews have only themselves to blame for the hostility and hatred directed against them.

Non-Leftists: Insist Leftists have only themselves to blame for the hostility and hatred directed against them.

*. Israeli Leftists: Insist they are in fact loyal, patriot citizens who seek only the best for their country.

Non-Leftists: Agree, except they note that Israeli Leftists regard Palestine as their country.

*. Israeli Leftists: Believe Arab violence is caused by Israel using excessive force to contain it.

Non-Leftists: Believe Arab violence is caused by Israel using insufficient force to contain it.

*. Israeli Leftists: Believe there is no military solution to the problem of terrorism.

Non-Leftists: Believe there is no non-military solution to the problem of terrorism




4.  Leftist US Jewish pagans:



5.  Funding the anti-Israel Israeli NGOs:



6.  The Demise of the Arrogant Israeli Left:


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Israeli Leftists hate Low-Income Working Class Israelis and seek to Punish them!

1.  Leftists Yuppies Against the Proletariat!


You will all be happy to hear that the Israeli Fascist Left has a new campaign - one in which it is calling for retaliation against the working-class Israelis and residents of low-income "development towns" because these people overwhelmingly supported Netanyahu and the rest of the "Israeli Right" in the election.  The Leftist campaign is calling itself Lo Letet (Do not Give), and its Facebook page is here: .


So here we have the spectacle of the same Leftists, who pretend that they care about the underclass of low-income and working class people, now demanding that all social programs designed to assist such people in Israel be blocked as retaliation for their having voted Likud.  Among the proposals of these folks are to oppose raising the minimum wage, a remarkable idea since raising the minimum wage does not even help low-income people, and also to oppose welfare spending that could benefit working-class Israelis. In other words, the Left does not really care about low-income working class people except as a tool that might jettison the Left into power, certainly not for their own sakes.  If the low-income people dare to defy the Plantation Leftists and to vote conservative, the Left wants them stripped of all support, support which they now demand be refocused on the Northern Tel Aviv yuppie population!


   Basically Herzog and Labor got the yuppie vote. And nothing else.



2.  For what it is worth, the Israeli stock market liked the election results. Stocks rose around 1.5% in first trading day after election.



3.  Yossi "Call Me Ishmael" Sarid:



4. There is a hilarious video clip going viral over here.  It shows a mother speaking to her 2 year old toddler. The mother keeps saying, "Say Boji, baby." But the baby keeps answering her "Bibi!"  See it here:



5.  Leftist Israelis against Israel and  

See also



6.   Leftist twat columnist, author, actress in Israel: You F**king Neanderthal (rightists) can all go drink cyanide! You won!... Only death will save you from yourselves."



7.  The very last and final twist to the election count was that the "absentee ballots" allowed Meretz to get an extra Knesset seat, from 4 to 5. This is a more interesting result than you might think. In Israel, very few people are allowed to cast absentee ballots. Israelis outside Israel on election day generally CANNOT. The absentee voters are mainly diplomats and other official emissaries of the state. A few are merchant marines and a few are handicapped people inside Israel who cannot come to the voting booth. The fact that the absentees boosted Meretz is instructive because it shows how strong the Left is in Israel's diplomatic service, even after the long era of Likud rule. 

Netanyahu should put correcting this situation at the top of the agenda of his new government!

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Career Ideas for Zehava Galon





1.  If Obama really wanted Netanyahu to lose, he should have endorsed him!


2.  Special message for Livni:


3.   Dear Mr. Herzog:

  I want my money back!!

  Signed, Barack H. Obama


4.   Ah the crybaby Israeli Left. The media - as usual when the Right wins - are carrying stories about Israeli lefties preparing to leave the country, such as those moving to Germany where the chocolate pudding is cheaper. We all need to bid such people bon voyage. We also need to re-read the classic article about AMerican leftists fleeing the US for Canada every time the Conservatives there are victorious:

"Build a Damn Fence!"
From The Manitoba Herald , Canada ;
by Clive Runnels, December 1st 2010

The flood of American liberals sneaking across the border into Canada has intensified in the past week, sparking calls for increased patrols to stop the illegal immigration. The recent actions of the Tea Party are prompting an exodus among left-leaning citizens who fear they'll soon be required to hunt, pray, and to agree with Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck.

Canadian border farmers say it's not uncommon to see dozens of sociology professors, animal-rights activists and Unitarians crossing their fields at night. "I went out to milk the cows the other day, and there was a Hollywood producer huddled in the barn," said Manitoba farmer Red Greenfield , whose acreage borders North Dakota . The producer was cold, exhausted and hungry. He asked me if I could spare a latte and some free-range chicken. When I said I didn't have any, he left before I even got a chance to show him my screenplay, eh?"

In an effort to stop the illegal aliens, Greenfield erected higher fences, but the liberals scaled them. He then installed loudspeakers that blared Rush Limbaugh across the fields. "Not real effective," he said. "The liberals still got through and Rush annoyed the cows so much that they wouldn't give any milk."

Officials are particularly concerned about smugglers who meet liberals near the Canadian border, pack them into Volvo station wagons and drive them across the border where they are simply left to fend for themselves." A lot of these people are not prepared for our rugged conditions," an Ontario border patrolman said. "I found one carload without a single bottle of imported drinking water. They did have a nice little Napa Valley Cabernet, though."

When liberals are caught, they're sent back across the border, often wailing loudly that they fear retribution from conservatives. Rumors have been circulating about plans being made to build re-education camps where liberals will be forced to drink domestic beer and watch NASCAR races.

In recent days, liberals have turned to ingenious ways of crossing the border. Some have been disguised as senior citizens taking a bus trip to buy cheap Canadian prescription drugs. After catching a half-dozen young vegans in powdered wig disguises, Canadian immigration authorities began stopping buses and quizzing the supposed senior citizens about Perry Como and Rosemary Clooney to prove that they were alive in the '50s. "If they can't identify the accordion player on The Lawrence Welk Show, we become very suspicious about their age." an official said.

Canadian citizens have complained that the illegal immigrants are creating an organic-broccoli shortage and are renting all the Michael Moore movies "I really feel sorry for American liberals, but the Canadian economy just can't support them." an Ottawa resident said. "How many art-history majors does one country need?"



5.   Israel's leftist losers:



6.  The smell of victory:  



7.  Poor Yair Garbuz and Yehoshua Sobol

Seems the Mezuza Kissers won!



8.  The polls were predicting 20-21 seats for the Likud. The Likud got 30 seats. A 50% error. Conclusions?



9.  AN even bigger reason to celebrate?  Zehava Galon, the Madame Defarge of Meretz,  is on the way out!  She announced she is resigning.


New career ideas for Zehava:

1. She can be the new Dean of Gender Studies at the University of Teheran.
2. She can grew side curls and join the Neturei Karta.
3. She can be Avrum Burg's maid in France.
4. She can get a job tearing squares of toilet paper on Friday afternoons for Ramat Aviv area synagogues, before the sabbath.
5. She can join SHAS.
6. She can serve as designated driver for when Mel Gibson gets drunk.
7. She can be the chief pimp for the "Women in Black".
8. She can test explosives belts for the Hamas.
9. She can serve as pothole filler.
10. She can get tenured at Ben Gurion University.



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It did not help you!

It did not help you. Your dirty underhanded funneling of financing from overseas for the Israel Left did not help you. The naked monolithic jihad by nearly the entire Israeli media and the entire overseas media against Netanyahu did not help you. The corrupt prosecutorial abuses and last minute "investigations" of the bottle recycling change in the Prime Minister's residence and the gardening allowances and air travel of the Prime Minister did not help you. The polls before the election that were predicting 21 seats for the Likud and 26 for Labor did not help you. The demonstration of the Left the week before the election and the gross inflation of its size by the biased media did not help you. The assault against Netanyahu by the White House and the State Department and the Democrats and the Eurotrash did not help you. The naked endorsements of the Labor Party by the American administration and the Europeans did not help you. The bitching about the Congressional speech did not help you. The open endorsement of the Labor Party by the Arabs did not help you.
Like the smell of napalm, I love the whimpering of leftists in the morning! It smells/sounds like victory.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tenured Communism, Pro-Jihadi Fascism, and Anti-Semitism in Israel


1.  Tenured Communism, Pro-Jihadi Fascism, and Anti-Semitism in Israel


In Haaretz today there is a large ad with a list of Israeli academics who support the "United Arab List," that merger of the Israeli Stalinist Party with various jihadist anti-Semitic parties. Among the names in the ad of the tenured anti-Zionists supporting this party are Adi Ophir, Anat Matar, Rachel Giora, Moshe Zuckerman, Yehouda Shenhav and Yigal Brunner from Tel Aviv University, Communist Party activist Oded Goldreich from Weizmann Institute, Avner Giladi, Avraham Oz, Yuval Yonay, Vered Krauss and Arik Shapira from Haifa University, Nurit Peled Elhanan and EMmanuel Farjoun from the Hebrew University, Nitza Berkowitz, Haim Jacoby, Ido Landau, Haggai Ram, and Israel's pseudo-academic Lord Haw-Haw Neve Gordon from Ben Gurion "University." And a few dozen others.

This is what Israeli taxpayers are financing.


2.  When the elections in Israel were first called, I was convinced Likud would trash them all by making last summer's war against Hamas the central election issue. All Bibi had to do was stand in front of the cameras and ask - who turned Gaza over to the barbarians? Whose idea was it that "liberation" of Gaza from Israeli "occupation" would produce tranquility? Who assured us that the Palestinians would be too busy with fixing potholes and running hospitals to engage in war? Who evicted all the Jews of Gaza? Who claimed that peace could be bought with land? Who claimed that ending occupation would produce peace? And who wants to clone Gaza in the West Bank?

Instead, this has been an election of no issues at all. Each party says vote for US because we are not THEM. The Gaza war is never mentioned. All the parties gripe about the cost of housing but none have any ideas what to do about it. They have no ideas about anything else either. And that is why the Likud is running so poorly.


3.  So let us get this straight. This Israeli Arab runs to join ISIS hoping to behead some infidels and he gets accused by them as being an "Israeli spy" and they murder him. And we are supposed to feel sorry for him and his family? 

Get out a Darwin Award!


4.  From this week's Wall St Journal:

Ferguson, Mo., in 2015 is not Selma, Ala., in 1965. Black people in America today are much more likely to experience racial preferences than racial slights. The violent crime that is driving the black incarceration rate spiked after the civil-rights victories of the 1960s, not before. And if voter-ID laws threaten the black franchise, no one seems to have told the black electorate. According to the Census Bureau, the black voter-turnout rate in 2012 exceeded the white turnout rate, even in states with the strictest voter-ID requirements.

The socioeconomic problems that blacks face today have nothing to do with civil-rights barriers and nearly everything to do with a black subculture that rejects certain attitudes and behaviors that are conducive to upward mobility. Yet Mr. Obama has a political interest—and the civil-rights industry has a vested interest—in pretending that the opposite is true.

---Drawing the Wrong Lessons From Selma About America Today
Ferguson, Mo., in 2015 is not Alabama in 1965. But liberals have reasons to pretend otherwise.


5.  The polls in Israel are all over the place these days, and are projecting election results ranging from a 5 seat advantage of Labor over Likud to a 5 seat victory of Likud over Labor. In addition, one prestigious polling agency reports that 80% of people asked for whom they intend to vote refuse to answer, suggesting that all the poll results are of very limited reliability.

There is however one poll result, reported in Haaretz, that I found interesting. Israelis were asked to define themselves politically. 8% of Israeli Jews responded that they see themselves as "Left," and these included 18% of those saying they will vote Labor and 76% of those who say they will vote Meretz. Another 15% said they see themselves as centrist but leaning somewhat to the Left. 35% said they see themselves as "Right," and 24% see themselves as centrist leaning to the Right.


For many years the Israeli Labor Party claimed that it and it alone would be able to reach a "deal" with the "Palestinians." It argued that face-to-face talks with the "Palestinians" conducted by the Labor Party would make such a deal possible because the dynamic and forceful personalities of the leaders of the Labor Party and their powers of persuasion would impress the Palestinians. The Left's "talks fetish" has always been based on the supposed charisma and powers of personality of the leaders of the Left.

SO just how is the Labor Party NOW proposing to strike a deal with the "Palestinians" when it is headed by a man who does not have any personality or charisma? Bozo Herzog has the personality of a tea kettle and the charisma of a tea bag. HE is supposed to be the key that can persuade the "Palestinians"?


6.  Orwell said that the first duty of all honorable men is to restate the obvious truth


7.  "The Marker," Israel's best business daily (published by Haaretz - of all people) runs a survey today of the party platforms regarding health care in Israel. Every single party in Israel says it is OPPOSED to the supplemental semi-private SHARAF medical treatments offered by most hospitals in Israel, covered by health insurance supplemental policies offered by the Health Funds and private insurance, treatments that shorten queues and actually improve the quality and availability of medical treatments in the "public-social" health system. Among those opposing SHARAF treatments are the supposedly pro-market Likud, the supposedly pro-middle-class Yesh Atid party of Lapid, and the supposedly pro-market party of Bennett. The communist party in Israel also opposes SHARAF.

The irony of course is that the vast majority of Israelis favor and use the SHARAF and the "social" medical system would collapse without it.


8.  Food stamps



Sunday, March 08, 2015

Vote Commerce in Israel

1.  There exists in Israel an anti-democratic practice of vote trading among political parties that is called "surplus votes agreements." In any real democracy these would be prohibited. They work the following way: suppose that Party A receives enough votes for, say, 10 Knesset seats plus a "surplus" of 5000 votes beyond what was necessary for those 10 seats. If the party has a "surplus agreement" with Party B, then these 5000 votes may be transferred to Party B to allow that party to squeeze in one extra Knesset seat for itself. Or the surplus votes from Party B can similarly be given to Party A for an extra seat. Parties signing such deals tend to be from similar ideological orientations, such as two Orthodox religious parties.
Let us emphasize that the "deals" are patently undemocratic. If I vote for a party, my vote does not become a tradable market asset that this party can sell in the marketplace to someone else, in effect making me vote for that OTHER party against my will. If I wanted to vote for that other party then I would have done so myself.  I am not aware of any other democracy where such vote commerce operates.
Nevertheless it is instructive to see which parties strike deals with which parties.
For the past few weeks Meretz has been attempting desperately to negotiate such a "surplus votes" deal with the United Arab List, which is a merger between jihadist and Stalinist smaller parties united only by their hatred of Jews and Israel. In the end the surplus deal failed to go through because the jihadists were unwilling to sign with Meretz. I guess Meretz was too anti-Israel even for them. The fact that Meretz was so anxious to have a deal with the Stalinist-fascists is highly instructive. Had the deal gone through, every person voting for Meretz would have known that his or her vote could actually end up going to elect Stalinist or jihadist anti-Semites to the Knesset, including Haneen Zoabi.

2.   David Grossman is a veteran leader in Israel's Literary Left, just behind the Scarecrow of OZ (Amos Oz) and A.B. Yehoshua. Mister Yellow-Wind-in-His-Shorts Grossman has long endorsed all the platitudes of the ultra-Left. (See for example…/david-grossmans-foot-in-mou… )

But the Messiah must be nigh because Grossman suddenly exhibits some uncharacteristic common sense this week. In any interview he gave to an Italian newspaper he proclaims that Netanyahu is correct and that Iran IS a major threat to the world and not just to Israel.
(I am curious if Zehava Galon soiled herself when she heard about this)


If the Labor Party under Herzog wins the elections, then for the first time in the country's history Israel will have a Prime Minister who goes to sleep at night hugging his teddy bear.

4.  Fool me once - shame on you.
Fool me twice - you must be Yair Lapid.

5.  The anti-democratic leftist YNET web site ran this puff piece about an official in the New Israel Fund and "forgot" to mention that her husband is a major promoter of world boycotts against Israel and is co-organizer (together with Hebrew University's Amiram Goldblum) of the campaign to call on European countries to undermine Israeli sovereignty by "recognizing" the "state of Palestine":,7340,L-4633542,00.html

6.  Basically Netanyahu has 10 days to turn the creation of Hamastan, the ethnic cleansing of Gush Katif, the capitulation to Hamas and the consequent Gaza war last summer into the main election issue - or else lose the election. Instead, Netanyahu is trying to run on a platform of "leadership." No doubt Labor's Herzog is a parody of a leader and could not govern a PTA committee or lead a Little League team, but Netanyahu's own record in "leadership," such as ending the Gaza campaign in the middle before it was finished, is not exactly a solid reason to vote Likud.

7.  Israel's Fascist Left is all upset because some people from Baruch Marzel's party disrupted a speech by the terrorist Knesset Member Haneen Zoabi and one even spilled some juice on her. Heavens to Mergatroyd, oh the humanity. Except that the people rolling their eyeballs in mock horror are the very same people (including Haaretz editorial writers) who were besides themselves with glee when radical homosexuals and their friends violently disrupted talks by Naftali Bennett and drew him as Hitler!
We were at a big gala Purim feast in Haifa in a hotel when one of the waiters accidently spilled some juice on my wife. Who do you think I am, she screamed at the waiter, Hanin Zoabi?

8.  You might like this:

Tuesday, March 03, 2015



1.  Haaretz and Yediot Ahronot are so predictable. If Bibi figured out a way to go back to 1936 in a time machine and assassinate Hitler,they would oppose it as an election ploy!


2.  Netanyahu's current popularity among Americans is considerably higher than Obama's current popularity among Americans.


3.  If Bozo Herzog were something other than a rodent he would have accompanied Netanyahu to Washington, making it clear that, while he opposes lots of what Netanyahu represents, he is as determined as Netanyahu is to prevent Iran getting weapons of mass destruction. His accompanying Netanyahu would have defanged the claim that the speech before Congress was just an election-eve stunt. It would have pulled the pants down on the anti-Israel lobbyists in Congress that boycotted the speech. And it would have strengthened the case against the Munich "deal" Obama wants to offer Iran.
But Bozo Herzog is indeed a rodent.


If you are running out of reasons to vote against the Labor Party Mensheviks, here is a new one. This past week the media in Israel were all enraged over the behavior of a family of drunk Israeli yahoos on a flight, where they got violent when the stewardess failed to serve them chocolate. Well, now Bozo Herzog, the chief Mapai Menshevik, claims the chocolate hooliganism was all caused by Bibi Netanyahu's divisiveness. Really.

And henceforth please be careful to spell Herzog's first name correctly: Bozo.



4.   If we cut through all the crap, basically the "deal" that Obama wants to offer the Iranian Islamofascists is that Iran can build as many nukes as it wants just as long as it promises only to use them against Israel.  Israel now needs to make it clear: if Iran should ever fire a weapon of mass destruction in the general direction of Israel, then the entire House of Shi'a will be forever erased from the face of the earth.


5.  The Herzog-Livni alliance:

The anti-Zionist Marxist on the Labor Party slate:


6.  Come to think of it, maybe we SHOULD build dams and use them to flood Gaza!


7.  What Purim really celebrates:


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Obama’s Leftist Pseudo-Rabbi

Obama's Leftist Pseudo-Rabbi

Posted By Steven Plaut On February 25, 2015 

A few weeks back the US Senate approved the appointment of "Rabbi" David N. Saperstein as Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom, to head the Office of International Religious Freedom in the United States Department of State, an office that tracks the denial of religious freedom to people around the world.  The Obama administration has been bragging about its high-minded pluralism in appointing a Jew to the office, the first time it was held by a non-Christian.

A past leader in the "Rabbis for Obama," Saperstein long headed the so-called "Religious Action Center" (RAC) of the American Reform synagogue movement.  Despite its name, there is nothing remotely religious about the RAC.  It is a liberal-leftist advocacy center, a lobby for the entire range of politically correct social causes, occasionally dressing up its agitprop with perfunctory attribution to "Jewish ethics."  Many of its positions are explicitly and diametrically opposed to the text of the Torah and to traditional Jewish values.

Saperstein is a "Reform Rabbi," which should not be confused with a real Rabbi, someone who has demonstrated expertise in and command of the Torah, the Talmud, and other traditional Jewish texts.  Media commentators have speculated about how the appointment will go over with the anti-Israel lobby and Muslim countries, evidently not realizing that Saperstein is not particularly pro-Israel.  Saperstein is married to Ellen Weiss, who ran for years the maliciously anti-Israel program "All Things Considered" on National Public Radio.

The RAC has operated under the direction of Saperstein for almost as long as North Korea has operated under the Kim dynasty.   It has been wishy-washy in all that is related to Israeli defense.  Basically the RAC supports the Israeli Left.  It also supports anti-Israel groups, such as the far-leftist New Israel Fund (NIF), "J Street" and the pro-jihad "Jewish Voices for Peace."  Saperstein has been active in such outfits as People For the American Way, set up by the television producer Norman Lear to save the world from Republicans.  The RAC web site links to a gaggle of advocacy organizations from the Left, including ACORN.

The RAC is in favor of expanded Obamacare, gun control, gay marriage, LGBT "rights" – note the fashionable inclusion of the "T" in LGBT on the RAC web page, affirmative action, abortion on demand (including partial birth abortions), banning capital punishment, and it endorses virtually every fad emerging from the environmentalist movement.  It goes without saying that none of these have any support or basis whatsoever in the Torah or in traditional Judaism.  Every single policy position by Saperstein and the RAC is adopted in the name of "social  justice."  Yet there is virtually nothing at all in actual Judaism that mandates social (as opposed to judicial) justice, and certain nothing that mandates forced income redistribution. The RAC also repeatedly proves its economic illiteracy, such as in its promotion and endorsement of increases in the minimum wage.

In one of the greater ironies, the one social reform most desperately needed to ensure the continued survival of the American Jewish community is opposed by the RAC: expanded use of school vouchers.  The RAC has long led the battle AGAINST all forms of school vouchers.  Saperstein has also campaigned against "Islamophobia" and he has hobnobbed and worked with Muslim jihadist groups.  His opposition to welfare reform has been so radical as to earn him the praise of the American Communist Party.  When the American Jewish woman Lori Berenson was convicted in Peru of participating in the terrorist activities of the local Maoist movement, Saperstein and the RAC raced to defend her and demand her release.

Saperstein loves "kibitzing" in Israeli internal decision making.  He and his people opposed the construction of a security fence by Israel designed to prevent Arab terrorists from murdering Israeli civilians.  The RAC under Saperstein continued supporting the suicidal "two-state solution" long after the vast majority of Israelis rejected it as being no solution at all but rather a recipe for escalation of Arab aggression against Israel.  Saperstein's crew, which does not risk being blown to smithereens in Israeli buses and cafes, announced that theyoppose administrative home demolitions of Arab terrorists.  They prefer that terrorism be defeated by understanding the grievances of terrorists.

While granting lip service to the need for Israel to defend itself from security threats, most of the efforts over the years by Saperstein and his RAC SWAT Team regarding Israel have been devoted to promoting the leftist agenda inside Israel, including in at least one violent demonstration.  The RAC operates an office inside of Israel and virtually all of its activities and efforts are devoted towards promoting "social justice" fads, including feminism and "gay marriage."  Israeli RAC people have openly identified themselves with the tiny Far-Leftist "Meretz" party, which enjoys support from perhaps 3% of Israelis and is currently struggling to retain any parliamentary seats at all in the upcoming election.

The small Israeli RAC office has repeatedly demonstrated hostility to freedom of speech in Israel.  It demanded that "racist" (meaning supposedly anti-Arab) books be banned in Israel and that Rabbis expressing opinions the RAC deems racist be prosecuted and indicted.  When two rabbis composed an esoteric book discussing conditions in Rabbinic law under which enemy civilians could be targeted (such as in wartime), the wannabe book-burners from the Israeli RAC filed a petition to the Supreme Court demanding that the writers be indicted for the crime of expressing their opinion.  Curiously, the RAC in the US has never dared to demand that the First Amendment be suppressed in order to stop "racism."

Israeli RAC has opposed proposals that would require Arab members of parliament to take an oath of loyalty to the country, something it regards as "racist."   It tends to endorse carte blanche all demands from Israel's Arab radical groups, justifying these endorsements as part of the "battle against racism."  It has never once had anything to say about Arab anti-Jewish racism.  It also demanded and "achieved" the construction of paved roads for illegal Bedouin squatters living on state lands they do not own, and it supports Bedouin squatters in other legal matters.   It has led the battle to allow unlimited numbers of illegal African infiltrators from Eritrea and Sudan to remain in the country and be naturalized.

Saperstein and his people have lobbied for what they call "religious pluralism" in Israel.  By "pluralism" they mean the granting of official recognition to "Reform Judaism" as having a status on par with actual Judaism.  The problem with this is that the percentage of Israeli Jews identifying with the "Reform synagogue" movement is miniscule, far less than 1% of the population, although slightly more will describe themselves in polls as "Reform oriented" when they really mean they are secularist non-religious. The RAC is particularly enraged that its "clergy" are not acknowledged within Israel as authorized to conduct conversions to Judaism, although immigrants to Israel who underwent Reform conversions abroad are usually quietly accepted as Jews under Israeli law.  The main problem is that the "Reform Movement" demands that Israelis accept as a bona fide movement of Judaism what is essentially a political movement that mis-defines Judaism as the pursuit of liberal-leftist political fads.  Reform "conversions" are suspected as being processes in which anyone who supports Obamacare, affirmative action, and action against global warming are considered to have converted to Judaism.

The biggest problem is that the same Reform leader now serving as Obama's point man on religious pluralism and diversity has made it clear that political pluralism has no roomwhatsoever in the his own "Reform" movement or in the RAC.  Non-liberals are not welcome.  Neither are people who practice actual Judaism.  Saperstein's "theology" is a form of pagan political fundamentalism, impervious to challenge.  It believes that the best chances of survival for the eternal and timeless religion of Judaism are through repackaging it so that it can appeal to Berkeley college students, drag queens in Provincetown, and actors in Hollywood.  His "Political Liberalism as Judaism" pseudo-theology dominates the main institutions of the Reform synagogue movement, including its Central Council of American Rabbis (CCAR).   The bottom line is that the Religious Action Center (RAC) and its Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom promote "religious action" that rarely, if ever, has anything to do with religion.

2.  More Women fly F-16's in Israel than drive cars in Saudi Arabia.

3.  No longer any question - the "New Israel Fund" is a terrorist organization

4.  The leftist Jews for a second Holocaust:

5.  Ari Shavit and Leftist Lies about Israel's War of Independence

7.  The Jerusalem Mayor stops and apprehends terrorists. The New York City mayor is a communist who supports terrorists.
8.  AFP discovers Israel has dams next to Gaza that it opened:


Saturday, February 14, 2015




1.  The Israeli Labor Party and its Meretz mentors have a new election strategy:  Forget talking about security issues - they know all Israelis blame THEM for what happened in Gaza.  Forget economic and domestic policy - all Israelis know they just want higher taxes, more regulation, more spending, and more controls. 

Their new strategy is "It is Us or HHHIIIIIMMM."   In other words, try to capitalize on the public's dislike of Bibi.  Bibi is a monster, a horror, a threat, chime the Left's gongs in unison.  Just do not ask us what WE represent!

Except the public does not dislike Bibi.  He is at least 3 times as popular as weenie Herzog and almost everyone in Israel considers Tzipi Livni and Zehava Galon (from Meretz) to be uber-dingbats.   Bibi is disliked only by the people with whom Herzog, Livni, and Galon socialize.  And they represent a tiny minority.   The fact that they do not understand this reminds me of the professor at a leftist college who insisted that Reagan could not possibly have just won the election because HE (the prof) did not know a single person who voted for Reagan!



2.  You know how the tenured Left and their fellow travelers in the media are suddenly all wringing their hands over the "politicization" of the Israel Prizes? Because Netanyahu decided that there should be some non-leftists on the committees, which in recent years more often than not consist of leftists handing out prizes to other leftists? THAT status quo was NOT politicization, whines the Fascist Left. Politicization is when the political monopoly of the Far Left over the prizes is challenged! Democracy is threatened when the hegemony of the radical Left is challenged anywhere by the elected representatives of the majority!

Well, here is something worth noting. Not a single one of the whiners over the supposed "politicization" of the prizes by Netanyahu raised any objection to politicization when the University of Haifa decided that it was forbidden to grant an honorary PhD to Nobel Prize Laureate Yisrael Aumann because he holds incorrect political opinions.


The Left's hysteria about Netanyahu purging the Israel Prize committees:  



3.  Want to know why all the election polls in Israel keep getting it so wrong? The polls are conducted among samples of those with land lines. Many many young Israelis have only a cell line and are not included in the samples. Young Israelis fought in Gaza and are far less likely to be leftists than the older chattering classes.
Stay tuned for the actual results.



4.  Q: How did they really find out that Brian Williams was lying his ass off?

A: It was when he claimed he was there when the Palestinian nation was first born.



5.  One of the ironies in the merger of the United Arab party, a mix of Stalinists and jihadists, is that it will attract some of the Jewish leftist voters for Meretz and may lead to Meretz following below the vote cutoff to get into the Knesset at all.



6.  Psychologists have developed a bizarre form of "conversion therapy," which is the controversial form of therapy designed to alter one's sexual orientation.  The new form of the therapy is designed for male heterosexuals who seek to alter their sexual orientation.  All they have to do is stare at this photo:!/image/1602958745.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_640/1602958745.jpg



7.  The appeal by the parents of Rachel Corrie to the Israeli Supreme Court was just tossed out.   See    Then see this earlier piece about the ISM Pancake from Washington State:



8.  Academic freedom at the publicly funded "Sapir College":

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Netanyahu Purges the Bias out of the Israel Prize Committees


Netanyahu Purges the Bias out of the Israel Prize Committees


By Steven Plaut




   The big headline in pre-election Israel this week has been the uncharacteristic decision by the Netanyahu government to exercise its powers to govern.  Specifically, much too little and much too late, Netanyahu has decided to challenge the leftist hegemony over the awards of the "Israel Prize."   The leftist media in Israel are aghast.  Labor and Meretz politicians are filing official complaints with the State Comptroller.


     The largest problem of Likud governments ever since the first time the Likud won an election has always been the unwillingness of the Likud to govern.   Likud leaders have always been afraid to exercise their right to rule.   Simply winning an election was not deemed sufficient.   Instead, they have generally tried to co-opt the Left, perhaps hoping that this will make them popular with the media, largely the occupied territory of the Left.   Likud governments have always financed the institutions of the Left while in office, including the kibbutzim, the leftist colleges and universities, and the Histadrut.  Likud governments have appointed a long series of Attorney Generals who are more leftist than those appointed by Labor governments.  And for decades the Likud turned hegemony over the award of national prizes to academic representatives of the Far Left sitting in prize commissions.  The Likud seems to have feared being accused of being philistine or unsophisticated if it exercises its right to govern with regard to these prizes and prevent their being awarded to anti-Israel far Leftists. 


      The Israel Prize is supposed to be the most prestigious national prize in Israel, awarded in a wide number of areas for various disciplines.   While in Israel's early decades the prizes were awarded for merit, in recent years the prize is very often granted to far-leftist anti-Israel radicals from various fields, especially in the areas of political science, literature and film.   In technical areas, like physical sciences, in Judaism or Bible research, and in a few other esoteric fields, the politicization has been minimal.  


     The prizes are nominally under the power of the Ministry of Education, but in reality there are unelected public committees of "judges" who decide upon the awards, and these committees are generally dominated by the academic Left.  Ultra-leftists have been more likely to be granted the prize under Likud governments than under Labor governments.   Sometimes this is because the Ministry of Education under Likud governments is controlled by non-Likud coalition partners, such as was the case recently, where the minister was from Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid party.  But things were no better back when Likudnik Limor Livnat was the Minister.   Once in a blue moon, right-wingers have gotten the prize, mainly just in two exceptional  instances,  one for a rightwing rabbi and one for the one-time Knesset Member Geula Cohen.


   A fast review of some of the more outrageous Israel Prize awards in recent years will illustrate the point:


    The leftist advocacy group "Israel Democracy Institute" was granted the Israel Prize for "lifetime achievement."   Zev Sternhell, the hardcore Marxist anti-Zionist pseudo-academic best known for calling on terrorists to murder settlers, was granted the prize in "political science."  The malicious Israel-hating propagandist Judd Neeman (from Tel Aviv University) was granted the prize in film.   Far leftist professor Avishai Margalit (Hebrew University) got the prize in philosophy.   The vile vulgar ultra-leftist politician Shulamit Aloni was granted the prize for "lifetime achievement," and her achievement largely included malicious bigotry and slander against Orthodox Jews.  The far-leftist education professor Gavriel Salomon was granted the prize for developing in-classroom propaganda centers in "peace education."    The anti-Israel Arab writer Emile Habibi was given the prize soon after he also accepted the Yassir Arafat Prize.   Far leftist Yehuda Bauer was granted the prize, as was Shlomo Avineri, a recovering Marxist now moved to the moderate Left.   Amos Oz was given the prize and you all know where he is politically.  The junkyard "artist" Yigal Tumarkin, who built a pig wearing tefillin and who says he really understands why the Nazis would want to murder Orthodox Jews, won the prize for "sculpture" in 2004.  Leftist Yediot columnist Nahum Barnea won the prize in "communications."    Marxist sociologist Sami Samoocha won the prize in sociology, for his pseudo-research on ethnic inequality in Israel.  Ultra-leftist feminist Alice Shalvi won the prize for lifetime achievement, which I guess means mainly implementing quotas and dumbed-down affirmative action standards.  And we could go on.  My guess is it is only a matter of time until anti-Semite Shlomo Sand gets a prize.


    Suddenly this past week, Netanyahu decided to disqualify some of the more openly political ideologues sitting as judges in the committees that award the prizes.   One of those disqualified (Ariel Hirshfeld) is a radical professor who has long promoted insurrection and "refusal" by soldiers to serve in the military. Unlike those "judges," Netanyahu has been elected to office by the people of Israel. 


     The Left is throwing conniptions.  The Left never had any problems with "politicizing" the prizes, just as long as the committees of judges were controlled by leftists and the prizes were going to ultra-leftist extremists.   The Left never raised any objections when a Maariv journalist (Shmuel Schnitzer) was denied award of the Prize by a petition to the Supreme Court motivated by the man's non-leftist ideological opinions.   The basis for the Court's Borking him?  He had written a column about the incidence of AIDS infections among Ethiopian immigrants and the public's right to know about this.  (For more, see this: )   It is unnecessary to point out how many Supreme Court justices are leftists.    All of them are unelected.


    Some of the "judges" have resigned from the prize award committees in protest.  None ever resigned when the prize was granted to Sternhell, Aloni, or the IDI.  The leftist media are denouncing Netanyahu for his "philistinism" and his "politicizing" the prizes.  Haaretz, the monolithic anti-Israel propaganda machine now advocating for the anti-Israel Arab United List party, is leading the bellyaching about supposed "politicization."    This from a newspaper about as pluralistic as was Pravda under Brezhnev.  ( see and ).


      But now, how dare Netanyahu and the Likud exercise their power to govern simply on the basis of the fact that they were elected to power!!?   That, you see, is undemocratic.


     And after all, why should Israel Prizes be restricted to recipients who do not hate Israel?  

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Just what does the Israeli Labor Party Want?

Just what doe the Israeli Labor Party Want?

By Steven Plaut



   The "brand new" Israeli Labor Party has revealed its brand new political platform and brand new agenda and we thought we would sum it all up for you.  Here are the fundamentals of Labor Party ideology:



Appeasement is the highest form of resistance and vehemence.


Cowardice is the highest form of bravery.

Weakness is the best manifestation of strength.


Treason is the highest form of patriotism.


Censorship is the highest form of democracy.


Impoverishment is the highest form of equality.


Capitulation is the highest form of victory. 


Monopoly is the highest form of competition.


Uniformity is the highest form of pluralism. 


Quotas are the optimal method to ensure equal opportunity.


Disarmament is the highest form of defense.


Past failure is the highest guarantee of future success.


Raising prices is the best way to ensure low prices.


Production quotas are the best way to ensure adequate supply.


Government bureaucrats are the most qualified people to decide what should be produced.


Foregoing use of force is the best way to achieve peace.


Self-defense is the ultimate form of terrorism.


Terrorism is the ultimate form of protest.


Taking away income and wealth from people is the best way to ensure their wellbeing.


Discrimination is the ultimate form of equality.


Unanimity is the ultimate form of diversity.


Barring people from the labor market is the best way to ensure full employment.


The best guarantee of democracy is when the media restrict themselves to correct ideas and opinions. 


The people who know best what citizens and consumers need are government officials.

Anti-terrorism policy should never be based on killing terrorists.



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