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Let my transcripts go!

1.  And so it came to pass, after the night of guardianship, when the calls were finally echoing in the halls of the powers: Let my transcripts go, Let my transcripts go. The pressures from the people could no longer be resisted. And with a powerful hand and an extended arm, the long classified set of documents related to the "kidnapped" Yemenite children were set free at last, hurrying away with their matzos. The privacy laws were junked and sunk in the Red Sea.

It was only 3 weeks later when the problems began.

The swine, began the shouts, there is nothing at all in these documents about any kidnappings, not even a single one. Only about infants who died or "disappeared" while in monstrously overcrowded hospital wards. We was robbed!!

But that just proves how nefarious the conspiracy is!, it was said. Evidently, the 95-year old MAPAI Ashkenazi conspirators had somehow gotten into the archives under a Likud government, and made away with the only papers documenting actual kidnappings! Government officials insisted they had released all the documents they had held. BUT BUT BUT there just had to be more!!

The campaign escalated. Columnist after columnist, TV talking heads, Mizrachi activists from Right and Left, the Communist Party.

We demand a new commission of inquiry into the disappearance of the real kidnapping documents. That last one, er, four commissions should not count.

Ah, sighed the PM, who knows, perhaps some day the truth might emerge. Next year in Jerusalem!


For decades the Yemenite children kidnap conspiracy was but one out of a pair of supposed conspiracies carried out in Israel against Mizrachi children. The second was the "ringworm children" conspiracy and it too is now coming back out of the sewers of conspiracism.

Ringworm is a nasty fungal infection, one that even in the 90s when my kids had it was tough to get rid of. According to the anti-Israel conspiracy nuts, Israel decided to perform human experiments on the children affected in the 1950s by ringworm with irradiation. In retrospect, it was a harmful treatment and exposed the kids to health risks. A bit like thalidomide in the US. There was no conspiracy. There was de facto medical error.

Nevertheless, over time the "ringworm" conspiracy became the twin mate of the Yemenite children conspiracy, mentioned by the same people, especially anti-Israel Sephardic communists and plain old anti-Semites like Barry Chamish and Little Dickie Silverstein. And neo-nazi web sites.

The anti-Semites paint it as Nazi-like experimentation on children. No one knows how many, if any, Israeli kids died from it. Neo-nazi Silverstein says tens of thousands of Arabs (!!!) died. He also claims Jews commit "goyacide." He has been unemployed for 20 years.

In fairness, the dangers of irradiation were not known at the time, the 50s. I know. In my Philly neighborhood strip mall down the street were shoe stores with XRAYs for free to see how your feet fit inside the shoes. I shudder to think how many times I did it. I did not get sick from it.
This week countless conspiracy nuts are trying to dredge up the ringworm children as companion conspiracy for the non-existent Yemenite children conspiracy "theory."

What is that telling you? And yes they too want a commission of inquiry.



4.   If you bring me an actual report from 1950 about an alleged Kidnapping of a Yemenite kid at that time, I may be willing to look at it.

If you bring me a new report made 65 years later, do not bother.

If you are a believer in the yemen children conspiracy theory, explain to us whether and why you also believe chamish about rabin/peres.

Why do so many people believe the ridiculous conspiracy paranoia from the 9-11 "troofer" people? These are people obsessed with a conspiracy that never existed. Sound familiar?

Here is an example of a total absence of evidence of any sort:

I know lots of people who all claim they have heard from lots of other people that they heard that Yemenite children disappeared without explanation and that must mean they were abducted and the CIA knocked down the WTC at Shimon Peres' behest.


Friday, June 24, 2016

ok, so take a deep breath and i will tell you where all the kidnapped yemenite children are:

   As the PLO continues its campaign of blood libel against Israel, the Israeli media and many public figures continue  THEIR CAMPAIGN OF BLOOD LIBEL AGAINST iSRAEL IN THE FORM of conspiracy paranoia surrounding "kidnapped Yemenite children."

   The media sob that we all need to know where the kidnapped children are/went.  The media all demand to know why parents of Yemenite children who died in the 1950s were never informed of what happened to their kids.

   Well, hold on to your streimels because I am about to tell you.



Israel's Kidnapped Yemenite Children Bogeyman


By Steven Plaut



Every few years Israel is convulsed in "kidnapped Yemenite children" hysteria, and this summer is just the latest round.  The ruckus concerns allegations that Yemenite children in the 1950s were kidnapped from their parents by racist Ashkenazim, five years after the Holocaust, "sold" in a giant conspiracy and put up for illegal adoption.


This year, as usual, demagogue politicians are joining the calls for yet another state commission of inquiry into the matter, trying to make political hay.  There have been several commissions already.  Journalists from the Far Left, the Far Right, and the Far-out Center are trying to build careers out of it all.


Large numbers of the Israeli public, not limited to Yemenites, believe the conspiracy tales.  Not as many as Americans who believe in UFOs or a JFK conspiracy, but nevertheless alarming.


There is just one little problem with the "theory."  It is nonsense.




Before arriving in Israel, infant/child mortality in Yemen was probably the worst in the world.  Well over 60% of infants died.  Much like in the days of the Talmud.  In halakha an infant death or NAFAL is not death at all and there is no shiva.


The deaths did not suddenly halt when the Yemenite Jews got off the planes in Israel.  Israel at the time was a Third World mess.  Much of the population was in MAABARA transit camps.  The roads were mud.  Almost no Israelis had phones and many had no bathroom or kitchen. 


Hospital record keeping was poor and hospital care not much better.  The country's attention was elsewhere, in things like finding food.  People who did not know Hebrew could not communicate with one another.  And the mess was not just in the hospitals.  Large numbers of soldiers had died in the War of Independence, without their identities ever being recorded and known.  The Israel Central Bureau of Statistics was not founded until 1949 and in the 1980s was still located in asbestos shacks without computers


Under these circumstances, infants died, corpses were misplaced, parents were not kept fully informed, parents imagined being persecuted.  To put things into proportion, in 21st century USA with all the computers, corpses disappear from hospitals all the time.


Why did the hospital not simply call the Yemenite parents when an infant died?  Because the hospital had no phone, the parents had no phone, lived in a tent, did not speak Hebrew, and the mail did not work - it still does not.


Since the 1950s, EVERY STATE COMMISSION - there have been at least three - HAS RULED THERE is no hard evidence of any KIDNAPPINGS.






The fact that "a lot of people" think something is true does not make it true.   65 years of "searching" have already gone by. Multiple state commissions of inquiry. Highest of high tech available. And not a single proven case of a "kidnapped" Yemenite child ever found - OR EVEN OF AN ILLICIT ADOPTION.  Where are all the Yemenite-looking Ashkenazim in Scarsdale and how come none ever asked about being adopted?  None.  Conclusion?

Supposedly "hundreds" of "kidnapped" Yemenite children were "sold."  Yet 65 years later and not a single one of the sold ever went searching for his or her biological family.


Now  just suppose that the main advocate of a theory, any theory, were a certifiably deranged stockpiler of assault weapons planning mass murder and attacks on the Israeli police. What would be your conclusion about his theory?

Well, meet the leading advocate of the "theory" of the kidnapped Yemenite children:  the late Uzi Meshulam.  A certified lunatic and terrorist. He led the drive to (re-) investigate once again the "disappearances."


His fans - conspiracy nuts still beating the dead old horse about "kidnapped" Yemenite children - are not nutty  enough for you?


Well let us introduce you to Ami Meshulam, son of Uzi Meshulam.  He is all over the media in Israel this week as the "conspiracy" fiction gets retold ad nauseum.  Meshulam the Younger goes way beyond what his whack job pappy said.  According to Ami, "thousands" of Yemenite children were rounded up in Israel in the 1950s by an Ashkenazi Gestapo and sold en masse to the USA WHERE THEY WERE SUBJECTED TO MENGELE-LIKE EXPERIMENTATION.  Really.  Which I am sure will be interesting for anyone who grew up in American during the Eisenhower era.


Ultra-leftist Haaretz, which generally likes the conspiracists, runs a TV review this week saying Ami Meshulam's theory might as well be that UFOs kidnapped the Yemenite kids.  Conspiracy nut UFOLOGIST Barry Chamish - who publishes his "scoops" on Holocaust Denial web sites - has long been a devoted Meshulamite and has ties to Ami.


In a country where politician peccadillos become known instantly, where the "stinky deal" with Shimon Peres was exposed immediately, where the "esek bish" affair was leaked right away, where military secrets might as well appear on Facebook, explain to me how the thousands of people who would have to have been involved in the "kidnappings" of hundreds of children all kept silent 65 years and not a single one ever spoke out??!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016













65 years of "searching" go by. Multiple state commissions of inquiry. Highest of high tech available. Not a single case of a "kidnapped" Yemenite child found. Conclusion?

The fact that "a lot of people" think something is true does not make it true.


Supposedly "hundreds" of "kidnapped" Yemenite children. Yet 65 years later and not a single one ever went searching for his or her biological family.


The whole "theory" is recycled Bullshit.





The 'Arab Jew' Invention of Bar-Ilan University's Menachem Klein


Published: June 20th, 2016





Bar-Ilan University Professor Menachem Klein

When one contemplates the radical anti-Israel Left in Israeli academia, Bar-Ilan University (BIU) is not ordinarily the school that jumps to mind. Bar-Ilan is nominally an Orthodox religious school, although lots of secularists and non-Jews study and teach there. Bar-Ilan has fewer tenured anti-Israel leftists than do other institutions, but nevertheless it does have a few. Probably the worst is Menachem Klein from the BIU political science department.

Klein is one of the leading Bash-Israel academics who has a special passion for the idea of dividing Jerusalem and removing Israel from its sacred shrines. The 64 year old was the academic fig leaf for the anti-Israel "Geneva Initiative" of Yossi Beilin and the Far Left. When he was denied an academic promotion a while back, he publicly denounced Bar Ilan University as a thuggish institution.

A member of the board of B'tselem, Klein seems to have never met an anti-Semite he does not like. He favors Israeli leftists negotiating peace with Palestinians, by surrendering to their demands.

In recent years Klein has devoted his energies to resuscitating the old Stalinist myth about Arab-Jewish euphoria before the rise of Zionism and especially the silly pseudo-history around the notion of the "Arab Jew." Invented by a small group of Israeli Stalinists led by Tel Aviv University sociologist Yehouda Shenhav, these people claim that Oriental Jews are actually Arabs of the Mosaic persuasion. Never mind the proportion who would slap you silly if they hear you calling them Arabs of any sort. Shenhav has promoted his view that Asian Jews are Arabs in numerous articles and his book, The Arab Jews: Nationality, Religion and Ethnicity, won rave reviews from Arab extremists and from PLO front groups.

Shenhav considers Zionism to be a form of colonialism. Indeed, Shenhav has long argued that Asian Jews and Arabs need to unite to fight Zionism, that old "common cause" of the communist party in Iraq and "Palestine" from the 1920s onward. Asian Jews and Arabs are, in his view, two wings of the same struggle in absolutely everything – except that Shehav has staunchly opposed the idea of compensation for Asian Jews from Arab countries for their property stolen.

Now years later, Klein tries to steal the anti-Zionist thunder from the Stalinists, but by beating the same old tune. The only difference is that Klein rewrites Jewish-Arab relations based upon the supposed euphoria in "Palestine" before Israel's creation – not in Iraq – when the local Jews were supposedly Jewish Arabs. This tooth fairy historic revisionism is the focus of his book, 'Lives in Common: Arabs and Jews in Jerusalem, Jaffa and Hebron.' It is in effect science fiction focused upon the past.

Countless murders of Jews and pogroms against them notwithstanding, Klein's proof is that in Hebron in 1929, almost half the Jews there were not massacred by the local Arabs. Klein then argues that not only were pre-Independence relations among Jews and Arabs in "Palestine" idyllic, but that the Jews considered themselves Arabs

in all things. Something even Shenhav never claims. The problems only began when "nationalism" made its appearance on the scene, and you will not be disappointed to learn that he does NOT mean Arab nationalism, something presumably Jewish Arabs could embrace and join.

From the toady Haaretz review of his book:

Arab-Jewish identity, writes Klein, did not only develop in Jerusalem, Jaffa and Hebron. "It was a fact of life throughout the Arab world. By the end of the 19th century it was a self-conscious identity in the major cities of the east, such as Cairo, Beirut and Baghdad. In these urban centers Jews took part in the Arab cultural renaissance and local national movements." …

Yet even then, in the midst of the looming nationalist conflict, the lines remained fluid. Jewish women worked in Jaffa's cafes and restaurants as waitresses, singers and dancers. Jaffa's young men flocked to Tel Aviv's cafes and beaches, wide-eyed at the sight of scantily dressed women, unimaginable in Jaffa itself, and the Hebrew city's atmosphere of sexual licentiousness. Older Arab men courted middle-aged Jewish women at the Casino Café, on the beach, which offered live music, weekly formal dance nights and a crèche.

Like a Graham Greene novel.

The fatal death blow to the bucolic paradise came in 1948, when those accursed Zionists declared Israeli independence. Clearly Klein, who wants Jerusalem to belong to the "Palestinians," thinks the solution is for the Jews to go back to being obedient and easily-massacred Jewish Arabs.


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One of the victims of the barbaric terror attack in Tel Aviv was a leftist faculty member from the monochromatic department of sociology at Ben Gurion University.   The victim is Michael Feige, whose web page can be seen here


The syllabus of his biased one-sided course on "settlers" appears here   Feige liked to write against "fundamentalism," by which he meant those who disagree with the Left or who practice Judaism.  Not Islamists.


Here is Feige romanticizing the radical anti-Israel "Peace Now" political organization:   


Here is Feige as co-author of far-leftist convicted rapist professor Eyal Ben Ari:,

in a study of card playing among soldiers.   (Strange things count as research among sociologists.)   

Here he is in Hebrew celebrating the use of force against "settlers":


Terror news story where he is ID'ed:,7340,L-4813768,00.html


It is not known whether Feige managed to renounce his leftist delusions before he himself became one of the victims of them.

Petard hoist?


Interesting comment in all this - Israelis going out in evening to bars wearing suits is so uncharacteristic that the foreign journalists all conclude that the Arab terrorists wore suits to appear as ultra-Orthodox Chareidim. Even though the place was treif.
One more thing they get wrong.

3.  99 napalm bombs on the wall,

99 canisters here,
If on Yata the last one should fall,
98 napalm bombs on the wall.

98 napalm bombs on the wall,
98 canisters here,
If on Yata the last one should fall,
97 napalm bombs on the wall.

97 napalm bombs on the wall,
97 canisters here,
If on Yata the last one should fall,
96 napalm bombs on the wall.....

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Israel's Socialist Dreams vs. Capitalist Realities

1.  Send Israel's tenured leftists to Rikers Island!!


The Knesset is issuing a "boycott the boycotters" call, directed against the BDS terrorists who boycott Israel.












Israel's Socialist Dreams vs. Capitalist Realities

by Steven Plaut
Middle East Quarterly
Summer 2016


Israel truly is the startup nation. There are more startups in Israel than in Western Europe, and the number of Israeli patents is among the largest for any country in the world. Shares of numerous Israeli companies trade on the NASDAQ stock exchange while acquisitions of Israeli high-tech companies by foreign investors inject many billions of dollars into the country every year.

A colorful legend holds that when God offered the Torah to the Israelites at Mt. Sinai, they were reluctant to accept it. God then lifted the mountain over their heads in a threatening manner, mak-ing them an offer they could not refuse. They reconsidered.

The saga of economic liberalism, some-times dubbed "neoliberal-ism," and Israeli economic growth bears some similarities to that legend. Modern Israel has developed into something of an economic miracle, largely as a result of economic liberalization, driven by entrepreneurship, innovation, investment, and the accumulation of human capital. Yet Israelis have never been entirely comfortable with economic liberalism and indeed are by and large hostile to it.[1] Like their wandering ancestors, they have benefitted in spite of their disinclinations.

The Reluctant "Start-Up Nation"

Israelis may be the most entrepreneurial population on the planet;[2] their capabilities in innovation being, for example, the essential message of Start-Up Nation,[3] the New York Times business bestseller. There are supposed to be more startups in Israel than in Western Europe, not per capita, but in absolute numbers.[4] With a population of eight million people, Israel has over 6,000 startups. In the 2015 Bloomberg Innovation Index, Israel was ranked ahead of the United States, France, and the United Kingdom.[5] The number of Israeli patents is among the largest for any country in the world[6] while shares of numerous Israeli companies trade on the American NASDAQ stock exchange as well as other exchanges. Acquisitions of Israeli high-tech companies by foreign investors inject many billions of dollars into the country every year. Among the reasons for the country's success are its well-educated labor force, a high household savings rate, high levels of imported capital, a strong immigration rate (which includes many highly-educated people), and especially—in recent years—an extremely creative high-tech sector, which so far operates largely outside the realm of government regulation.

This economic good news is all the more remarkable in light of the fact that Israel began its existence in the late 1940s as an impoverished third-world country, whose economy might have been discussed in the same breath as that of India or Egypt. Today, Israel has a gross domestic product per capita comparable to that of the middle-income countries of Western Europe, roughly the same as Italy's. Israel was one of the only countries in the world whose economy did not contract during the global financial crisis that began in 2007. Its rates of inflation and unemployment have been better than those of the United States and Western Europe in recent years. The economy has shown its resilience in the face of numerous challenges and shocks, including chronic terrorism, frequent military conflict, a huge defense burden, a dearth of physical natural resources, and the need to integrate people arriving from scores of different countries and cultures.

Ironically, this dramatic transition from low-development status to today's very high level took place largely despite economic policies that were, in many cases, designed to prevent growth and efficiency. Economic policy has been liberalized slowly over time, but this occurred by and large in the face of governmental reluctance.[7] In some cases, especially regarding the reduction of import protectionism, this was forced upon the government as part of multinational trade agreements.[8]

Israeli economic policy has almost always stifled competition; protected inefficient sectors; allocated resources based on political negotiation, lobbying, and political power; and suppressed market forces in large swaths of the economy. This "reign of pork"[9]— has included the maintenance of an enormous bloated public sector, a long series of bailouts for failed enterprises, high tax rates, and a gargantuan budget.




To continue reading the article, open




3.  The new magic mantra of the asslibs (assimilationist liberals) is that Judaism must be "Inclusive."

"Inclusive" of what? First of all, the "transgendered," then every imaginable sexual perversion, then BDS anti-Semitism, in fact - inclusive of everything except Trump supporters.

And they oppose being "exclusive," in the sense of excluding pagan abominations, anti-Semitism, and being untrendy. They are fine though with excluding Judaism.

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Moses in the Ladies Room?



Moses in the Ladies Room?



    Israel is under mortal threat.  Global anti-Semitism is growing.  Iran getting nuclear weapons.  ISIS atrocities everywhere.


   And what is foremost on the agenda of the "Conservative" synagogue movement?   Making sure that if Bruce Jenner ever decides to convert to Judaism, he will feel comfortable in a "Conservative synagogue."


    Some mentally ill people want to alter their gender.  Greedy surgeons perform mutilations for profit.  Insane parents tell their 8 year old kids they can "choose" their gender.  Cowardly psychologists and psychiatrists provide window dressing for the "reassignment" atrocities, pretending there is really a trans gender.


    And the "Conservative" "synagogue" movement joins the pagan political correctness orgy.  The Reform movement long ago replaced Judaism with political liberalism as its "theology."  The Reconstructionists were never anything more than Marxist liberation theologists mixed with cheerleading for Islamist terror and anti-Semitism.  The "Conservatives" though had pretensions of practicing Judaism, sort of.


   Never mind what the Torah says about cross-dressing.   The "Conservatives" want Elijah to come back as a tranny and use the ladies room in their "shul."   Thou shalt be trendy - replaces the Ten Commandments for them.   It is the moral death of their movement.


Conservative rabbis adopt resolution backing transgender rights

The resolution passed last week expresses "the full welcome, acceptance, and inclusion of people of all gender identities in Jewish life and general society."

The international association of Conservative rabbis passed a resolution declaring its embrace of transgender people, and called on Jewish institutions and government agencies to ensure their full equality.

The Rabbinical Assembly resolution passed last week expresses "the full welcome, acceptance, and inclusion of people of all gender identities in Jewish life and general society."

In its Resolution Affirming the Rights of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming People, the group makes a legal case for its position, arguing the spectrum of Jewish text "affirms the variety of non-binary gender expression throughout history."

"Since Talmudic times, our people have recognized that the human condition is not just binary," said Rabbi Gil Steinlauf, the gay spiritual leader at Adas Israel in Washington, D.C., in an interview with the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBT advocacy group. "I hope this resolution will go far in promoting this deep truth of our religion in our society and in the world."

The resolution encourages Conservative synagogues, camps, schools, communal and professional organizations "to create fully inclusive settings." It follows a similar resolution passed by the Union for Reform Judaism in November.

The Rabbinical Assembly, which comprises 1,700 rabbis, encouraged institutions affiliated with the Conservative movement to assess policies, physical facilities and language to become "safe spaces" for transgender and gender non-conforming people. It also encouraged employees of the institutions to educate themselves and their constituencies about the needs of transgender and gender non-conforming people, including, for example, using an individual's preferred pronoun.

"That is always the first job of the religious community, the faith community: to bring our Jewish values to bear on our real-life situations and the real people around us," Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, the executive vice president of the assembly, told the Washington Post.

Over the weekend, transgender Jews and Jewish LGBT organizations celebrated the resolution. Schonfeld said she has not heard of any resistance to it.

"I don't believe there was opposition to it at all," she said. "I think it really comes out of a basic set of values, to see the infinite and equal worth in every human being. I think it speaks very directly to Jewish values. This is one of the examples of how the Torah's fundamental values keep reasserting themselves as society grows and matures."

The resolution comes in the wake of a tense national conversation on transgender rights. In March, the North Carolina legislature passed a law banning transgender people from using bathrooms that do not match the gender on their birth certificate. A backlash from businesses followed, and President Barack Obama responded in May with a directive instructing public schools to allow transgender students to use the restroom of their choice, igniting a nationwide debate.


Thursday, June 02, 2016

The Israeli Left's War against the Flag

The Israeli Left's War against the Flag

By Steven Plaut



The Israeli Left has a serious flag problem.  Well, a problem with the Israeli flag to be precise.  The one with the six-pointed blue star.  Not the ISIS flag.


The Left intensely dislikes people who wave Israeli flags, although I think it would be okay with those radical anti-Trump protesters waving Mexican and Iranian flags.  At the Israeli Left's own rallies, like one widely reported recently, one sees oodles of Stalinist red flags, lots of PLO flags, and sometimes one may see Hamas flags, but no Israeli flags.


In a few famous cases, the Left's contempt for the flag goes well  beyond that.  A few months ago, the ultra-leftist Israeli "artist" and "activist" Ariel Bronz appeared at an assembly sponsored by the anti-Israel Haaretz newspaper and pranced about the stage with an Israeli flag inserted in his rear end.  Haaretz approved and hailed the behavior as the epitome of democracy and patriotism.  In an earlier incident one Natali Cohen Vaxberg, also a leftist activist and actress, posted on the web videos of her relieving herself (number two, to be precise) on the Israeli flag.  More courageous defense of freedom of speech, squealed Haaretz and its leftist amen choir in delight.


The latest twist in the Left's jihad against the flag has to do with plans by participants in the upcoming Jerusalem Reunification Day festivities to wave it.  This has triggered horrific anger among the enlightened Left.  They are particularly irate because celebrants plan to march all over Jerusalem waving flags, including in all parts of the Old City.


That is simply fascism, scream the Leftists, especially because the celebrants will walk through the "Moslem Quarter" of the Old City.  Flying flags under the noses of these "occupied" Arabs is intolerable oppression, even though these Arabs have Israeli citizenship and are welcome to join the celebrations and wave flags with the others if they wish.


So now a group of about 100 radical leftists has placed an ad in the press this week, paid for by you-know-who, denouncing plans to wave Israeli flags in Jerusalem on Jerusalem Day.  The ad says that as peace seekers the signatories demand that the government and police prohibit the waving of flags in the "Muslim Quarter" of the Old City, which - they add - is near the Temple Mount and the day will be close to Ramadan.  It should be noted that the signers do not express any opposition to PLO, Hamas, or ISIS flags flying on the PLO-controlled Temple Mount itself, nor in any leftist street rallies anywhere else in the country.


So who are the brave souls devoted to freedom of speech and true democracy who have signed this petition demanding the suppression of Israeli flag waving?  Some of them are notorious activists in the movement to create a world boycott against Israel in the name of BDS = Boycott-Divest-Sanctions warfare against Israel, such as Tel Aviv University's purple-haired faculty dingbat Rachel Giora or anti-Israel ex-diplomat Alon Liel.


Some others are also Tenured Extremists.  One signer is Liel's constant sidekick, the "Peace Now" professor Amiram Goldblum from the Hebrew University, who has devoted much of his career to demonizing Israel as a fascist apartheid regime while he himself opposes freedom of speech and democracy in Israel and claims Judaism itself is the root of all that is wrong in the Middle East.   He is joined by Ze'ev Sternhell from the Hebrew University, a Marxist anti-Zionist who once called for terrorists to murder Jewish settlers and wants student Zionists to be suppressed because they are "fascists."  A few dozen other radical leftist sheep join in the herd to sign.


The rage among leftists over the flying of the flag on Jerusalem Reunification Day is actually a thin disguise for what really is bothering the Left and what its real agenda is.  The Left is not really opposed to flag waving but to Jerusalem Reunification.  It wants Israel back behind its pre-1967 Auschwitz borders, with the Western Wall a Muslim shrine in "Palestine's" hegemony, and with tens of thousands of rockets raining down upon the rump Israel that will temporarily remain if the Left ever manages to impose its agenda on the country.


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Israeli Left Warming up to Idea of a Military Coup

Israeli Left Warming up to Idea of a Military Coup

By Steven Plaut



Israel's anti-democratic radical Left has a new brilliant brainstorm idea.  Having despaired of ever convincing more than a trivial portion of the Israeli public of the correctness of its "ideas," it now would like to impose its ideas on the country by means of a military coup.




It is now their favorite way of repairing the intolerable situation under which Israelis keep electing the wrong people, the non-Left, by huge majorities.  Democracy should only be accepted when it results in leftist hegemony.


The idea of peace-by-coup is being promoted by Haaretz, that SWAT TEAM FIELD ARTILLEY of the radical anti-Israel Left, which tells the country's leftists each morning what they think about everything.   Haaretz and its flocks of sheep have been trying to recruit pressures from overseas against the Israeli government to coerce it into acquiescing and accepting the political agenda of the Far Left that is otherwise rejected by 98% of Israeli Jews.   It wants Israel to be coerced via BDS terrorism and by recruiting the EU members to recognize "Palestine" in Israeli territory in defiance of Israeli sovereignty, in both cases showing its disdain for democracy and for Israeli independence.  But instead of welcoming the foreign extortion, the vast majority of Israelis see BDS as anti-Semitic terrorism and see the soliciting of EU countries to engage in anti-Israel actions as treason.


So Zvi Harel, one of the regular Haaretz pinkologists (pink journalists) leads the flock of sheep to go one step further, calling for a military coup to fix the problem.  On May 11, he dropped all pretenses about believing in democracy:  


Barel writes:


'When the government adopts and cultivates values that the army leadership sees as a threat to the country's existence, and when the public, which provides the army with its manpower, demands that the IDF become corrupt and bestialize itself, the military's top brass will face a dilemma. It will have to decide what constitutes the ultimate threat to the security and existence of the country: Is it thousands of missiles and Palestinian knife attackers or is it a government that is shaping the public into a monster threatening to devour Israeli democracy's fundamental values….But it will not be the army that causes the revolution, if it occurs. The political leadership that is currently pushing the army into a position in which it has to defend itself and its values is what could bring about the first Jewish military coup – one which may have already begun.'



The fondness of the Left for a military coup as a way to impose its agenda upon the country will seem bizarre only to those who do not realize how much of the senior IDF brass in Israel is leftist.  The Israeli military shares guilt for the "Oslo" debacle, failing to warn it would lead to disaster.  For decades the Israeli intelligence services were dominated by leftists, no doubt explaining many of their fiascos.  The presence of far leftists in the IDF leadership was illustrated dramatically recently when an ignorant leftist general compared Israel to Nazi Germany, to the chortles of delight of the anti-Israel Left.  This is the same Left that declares everyone who disagrees with the Left is a fascist.


So you can see why the Left might find the idea of  a military coup to its liking.




Ben Gurion "University" loses large donation because sponsoring one-sided anti-Israel "conference"


1.  Ben Gurion "University" holds one-sided "conference" to support treasonous espionage group "Breaking the Silence," in which only anti-Israel ultra-leftists allowed to speak.


Major donor to BGU cancels donation:


A prominent British donor is withholding a $1 million donation from Ben Gurion University of the Negev to protest the school's sponsorship of a conference that includes members of Breaking the Silence, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

British businessman Michael Gross, a longstanding member of the Beersheba university's board of governors, explained his decision to withhold the donation in a letter to the Post.

"Next Monday, Ben-Gurion University will officially sponsor a conference by leading figures and supporters of Breaking the Silence. This is effectively financed by the Israeli government and ignorant foreign donors, but absolutely nothing is done about it," he wrote.

The conference, titled, "Whistle-blowing throughout the ages. And today...," was organized by the department of Jewish history in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The conference title in Hebrew, "Shovrei Shtika," can be translated as "Whistle- blowing," or as "Breaking the Silence," the name of the NGO that publishes anonymous testimony from soldiers on alleged IDF abuses.

Speakers at the conference will include Yuli Novak, CEO of Breaking the Silence, and Nadav Weiman, the organization's public-relations coordinator, who will speak on the closing panel and offer a "personal testimony."

Gross wrote in his letter that, "as one of the longest- standing governors of the university, I intend to withhold a gift of $1 million which otherwise I would have pledged at the forthcoming Board of Governors meeting. It is about time the activities of these self-hating Jews, traitors to the country, are curtailed and not allowed to continue under the bogus claim of academic freedom.

"If the Israeli government hasn't got the guts to do anything, at least Israeli and foreign donors should set an example," he said.

In a conversation with the Post on Thursday, Gross confirmed that he intended to withhold the donation, which would have gone toward scholarships.

Gross added that his was not the only donation withdrawn from the university because of what he characterized as anti-Zionist activity, and that at least one other donor had taken back an $8m. gift in the past.

"The Israeli government talks about BDS, but there is no use talking about BDS abroad when it is going on in your own country," he said.



2.  As you know, a group of pro-jihad radical anti-Semitic homosexuals is battling for the destruction of Israel and has invented the nonsense term "pinkwashing." The term supposedly refers to the use by pro-Israel people of Israel's tolerant treatment of homosexuals as a PR device to show Israel in a positive light, whereas the gay anti-Semites giggling about "pinkwashing" claim it is all simply a tactic to prettify and hide the ultimate evil of Israel.

The question is what is the appropriate response to the anti-Semitic gays participating in the "pinkwash" jihad against Israel.

One wag suggested treating them the way ISIS will treat them when their "pinkwash" jihad gets its way - and simply toss them off roofs. What do you think? 



3.  Haaretz has a new scoop. It seems that Sheldon Adelson, the conservative casino moghul, friend of Bibi, and owner of the rightish Israel Hayom freebie paper in Israel, purchased a small newspaper in Las Vegas. He immediately replaced some of its staff and implemented a managerial regime where the paper would reflect his opinions.
Haaretz is outraged! What about pluralism, diversity, journalistic freedom, it screams. 
That is right, the screams about a lack of pluralism and diversity in Adelson's new newspaper are coming from the most totalitarian anti-pluralistic monolithic newspaper in the Western world - Haaretz, where no non-leftist thought is tolerated, where by comparison Pravda under Brezhnev was pluralistic.



4.  The Palestinian savages announced that they are opening a Palestinian "museum." I was going to make a spoof of it in which the museum displays Holocaust denial exhibits and medieval exhibits about Jews making matzos out of gentile children, while of course all the while wailing about Palestinian "victimhood." But then I realized that is precisely what it will really be so the spoof would not work.

This is not the first time a "museum" was created as a weapon of racist aggression and hatred, to facilitate a totalitarian regime of mass murder.

Previously was the Fuhrermuseum in Germany.



5.  The Palestine Hoax

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hebrew University's war against Orthodox Women

1.  The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, or more precisely its politicized School of Law, operated a fundamentalist jihad these past days … against religious women.


The law school has a number of religious women students. Each year it runs a spring "gala" party for students, with music and dancing. This year the religious women in the law school requested that a small corner of the hall be partitioned off in such a way so they could conduct there women's-only dancing, among themselves. The rest of the hall would have dancing for men and women together.


When word got out of the proposed atrocity, the anti-religious academic Left went on a rampage. The forces of darkness are seeking to thrust Israeli academia into clericalist coercion, they moaned. The coercion being of the form of letting the religious women who wish to do so dance in a corner without men. If a similar request had come from lesbians, the same people would have fallen over one another to endorse it!


On professors chat lists, the tenured Left denounced the very idea of even allowing such primitive religious people to attend universities. The same people who are the first to endorse "safe spaces" for black students on US campuses where whites are prohibited insisted that the separate dance corner was a threat to civilization. The radical feminizts in Israel denounced the idea as equivalent to turning Israel into Iran.


The very idea of accommodating the request of these women was a form of suppression and dehumanization of women, belched the tenured Left. Why can't they just be like us.


In the end the law school student union voted to refuse the women's request. No dance corner for them.

The secularist Left is again safe and unthreatened by backward religion and diversity.



2.  Israel's worst-ever Prime Minister Joins the "Fascism" Choir of the Left


Yes, Ehud Barak, arguably the worst Prime Minister in Israel's history, the guy who proclaimed that if had been born an Arab he would be a terrorist, the guy that tried to surrender to Syria and let it move its armies to the shores of the Sea of Galilee, the guy who set new lows in corruption, the guy who DID surrender to the Hezb'Allah and singlehandedly created the massive 2006 war against Israel by the Hezb'Allah, the coward who simply fled the scene of a massive military training accident.  He also wanted to turn the Old City of Jerusalem over to the savages.

That is the same Barak this week claiming that the Likud leaders are fascists, joining the list of mindless leftists who insist that everyone who disagrees with them are fascists.


Repost of old item: ISRAEL'S MUSIC MAN

The Israeli Labor Party recently selected Ehud Barak, who had been prime minister from 1999 to 2001, to serve as its party chief and contender for prime minister in the next election, probably in 2008.

But once he left the army, he went out shopping for political ideas and ended up buying the silliest ones available on the Shimon Peres/Oslo vintage clothing rack. He attempted to turn the Golan Heights over to Syria, which would have allowed the Syrian military to advance to the shores of the Sea of Galilee. This inspired me at the time to write a parody of an old Bobby Darin classic, with Ehud Barak singing "Splish Splash I was taking a Ba'ath."

It continued: "Splish, Splash! I jumped back in the bath. Well how was I to know here was appeasement going on?"

And now Barak is desperately looking for a new campaign jingle. Being a helpful sort, I thought I would give him a hand.

To understand the new song, you need to recall that in 1998 Barak declared: "I imagine that if I were a Palestinian of the right age, I would, at some stage, have joined one of the terror organizations."

My proposed campaign song for Reb Ehud is based on the wonderful "If I Were a Rich Man" from "Fiddler on the Roof." Ready? Here goes!

Dear God, you made so many, many cowardly people.
I realize, of course, that it's no shame to be a coward.
But it's no great honor, either!
So, what would have been so terrible if
I had a small dose of gumption?

If I were a terrorist,
Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba
deedle deedle dum.
All day long I'd biddy biddy bomb.
If I were a Hamas man.
I wouldn't have to work hard.
Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba
deedle deedle dum.
If I were a biddy bomber bum,
Yidle-diddle-didle-didle BOM



3.   The following was posted to a list of University of Haifa professors, after several members of the tenured Left posted messages there insisting that there was no nefarious agenda behind the holding of "Nakba Day" mourning events:

The Arab nationalist anti-Israel radicals and their fellow travelers from the Jewish radical Left are insisting that everyone commemorate "Nakba Day," where Nakba means catastrophe. On that day they want the world to mourn the victory of Israel over its genocidal enemies and also to mourn the very existence of Israel. Apologists for the Nakba nuts are claiming that they simply want everyone to commemorate all forms of suffering, including the "suffering" of the genocidal Arab militias, gangs, and armies that unsuccessfully attempted to annihilate the Jews of Israel in 1948-9. There is no political agenda to be read into those taking this position, argue the apologists for Nakba Day events with a straight poker face.

Well, it behooves us to make a list of OTHER completely apolitical and neutral positions regarding human suffering that demonstrate that there are no political agendas behind the choice of which "tragedies" are selected to be commemorated and mourned.

First, we must all agree that a day of commemoration for the tragic losses in property values by white slave owners in the American south, stripped of their slave assets, as a result of the loss of the Confederacy in the American Civil War would be a great step in the direction of neutral apolitical honoring of human rights and dignity. Clearly there would be no political agenda behind such a position.

Then we should be holding special campus days of commemoration and empathy for male rapists who have been injured while violently raping women. Their bruised knees and knuckles and scratched faces are human tragedies that all compassionate members of society must honor and respect in the name of neutral human rights and apolitical dignity. While we are on the subject, members of the Boko Haram group in Nigeria who have ever been insulted or called names by Christian girls should also be specially honored and empathy expressed for their plight. Clearly there would be no political agenda behind those taking such a position.

After that, we need to hold a special day of remembrance for the guards at Gulag facilities in the days of Stalin who suffered terribly and at long distances from their homes and families in order to man and staff the gulag internment camps. Clearly there would be no political agenda behind those taking such a position.

Then a special day of sympathy should be held on September 11 each year to remember the sufferings of the Al-Qaeda hijackers who died such terrible deaths that day in 2001.

A much more important even would have to be the day in which the German and Japanese victims of Allied bombing raids are remembered and honored, and there of course should be no need to mention any other people who suffered during World War II, since there is no need for proportionality or inclusion of unrelated cases of human suffering. Clearly there would be no political agenda behind those taking such a position.

To top it all off, we would of course want the Law School at the University of Haifa to operate special clinics for prisoner rights that only provide free legal counsel to convicted Arab terrorists. Why confuse the issue by bringing up unrelated cases of prisoners, which would only make people think there is an ideological agenda behind the choice?!

And after all of that, then by all means, do hold completely apolitical Nakba Day mourning events that have nothing at all to do with any ideological agenda. Clearly there is no political agenda behind those engaging in such behavior.


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pagan Asslibs and the "Trans"-pseudo-rabbis





Meet the "transgendered" pseudo-rabbis!


In the next few years, the number of transgender rabbis in America is expected to double — from three to six.

The tiny cohort makes up a miniscule percentage of the rabbis graduating rabbinical school (sic), but these individuals have already played a big role in their respective seminaries to provoke conversations about gender and Judaism. They're also paving the way for more transgender rabbis to come….

The asslibs will no doubt soon be debating which bathrooms these trans-pseudo-rabbis need to use.  I personally think they should be told to use fire hydrants.


If Bruce Jenner joins this pagan cult, would his genitals be usable as the Afikoman?


How 'bout if we eliminate all "gender reassignment" treatments and funding, take all the money saved, and use it for treatments that might take the tranny lobby and similar PC leftist twits and reassign them as earthlings?




2.  The "Nakba" Debunked
by Steven Plaut

The world media are filled with Big Lies
about the "Nakba," the supposed "catastrophe"
and "ethnic cleansing" of Arabs when Israel was
created in 1948.
But now an interesting source has come
along to debunk this massive campaign of
Consider the following citation (emphasis
added): "The Arab armies seemingly entered
Palestine (in 1948) to protect the Palestinians
from the Zionist tyranny but, instead, they
abandoned them, forced them to emigrate and to
leave their homeland, imposed upon them a
political and ideological blockade and threw them
into prisons similar to the ghettos in which the
Jews used to live in Eastern Europe, as if we were
condemned to change places with them. The
Arab States succeeded in scattering the
Palestinian people and in destroying their unity."
OK, current events students, name the
source for that quote.
The answer is … (drumroll) … Abu Mazen
(Mahmoud Abbas), the "President" of the
Palestinian Authority, in an article he wrote in the
Beirut magazine Falastin el-Thawra, in March
1976 (cited in the weekly column by Ben Dror
Yemini in Maariv, May 27, 2011).
And that is not the only useful citation
from Abu Mazen. Last week the very same Abu
Mazen had an article in the NY Times, in which he
tells his own personal "Nakba" family story.
There he claims that the Jews expelled the Arabs
right after the UN's partition resolution of 1947
(which called for creating two new countries, a
Jewish and an Arab state, in the area of the
British Mandate). Abu Mazen writes that he and
his family were expelled (from Safed) to Syria and
forced to live there in an old canvas tent.
Well, Ben Dror Yemini does some
homework. The UN resolution, first of all, was in
November 1947. The battle for Safed took place
in May 1948. Second, Abu Mazen's family in
Safed was very wealthy, with more than enough
ready capital to coast along comfortably for quite
some time. But most significantly, Abu Mazen's
family went to Jordan, not Syria. Only much later
did they move to Damascus. In addition, Safed
Arabs fled in large part in 1948 because they
were expecting retaliation for the pogroms they
themselves had launched against the Jews of the
city in 1929.
And just who is the source for claiming
that Abu Mazen was lying through his fangs in
that NY Times piece?
Why, none other than Abu Mazen
himself, again! In 2009 he gave an interview to
the Palestinian Authority TV channel, telling of his
family's wealth and their move to Jordan.
Oh, and the same week, Haaretz, that
Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew,
quotes one Ismail Fahr a-Din from the Golan
Druse village of Majdal Shams as claiming to
remember very clearly the Palestinian refugees
arriving in that town (back then still under Syrian
occupation). Only one itsy bitsy problem though.
Turns out the "witness" is 57 years old and so
was born six years after Israel's War of
More generally, I think that any time
anyone suggests that we need to empathize with
the "Nakba" of the "Palestinians," they should be
directed to contemplating East Prussia.
East Prussia, where in many ways World
War II began (in Hitler's campaign for Danzig),
was emptied out near the end of the war, with
hundreds of thousands of Germans fleeing the
approaching Red Army and with hundreds of
thousands more evicted after the Soviets pushed
through East Prussia into Berlin. In all, 1.8 to 2.2
million East Prussians were driven out or fled.
That is four times the number of "Palestinian
refugees" from 1948-49. Parts of East Prussia
were annexed by Russia, the rest being
incorporated into Poland.
And what about mourning for their
"catastrophe?" No one in the West has ever 
believed East Prussians deserve any sympathy or
support or compensation for their "plight." They
were part of the German monstrosity that had
launched the war and they became refugees as a
direct result of the crimes and aggressions of the
German people, crimes they enthusiastically
endorsed and in which they participated. Exactly
like the circumstances under which "Palestinian
Arabs" became refugees as a result of launching a
genocidal war of aggression and then losing.
Think the "Palestinians" deserve
compassion? Sure, right after the East Prussians
are granted a "Right of Return."



3.  Zionist students ordered not to wave Israeli flags at University of Haifa. You know, the same University of Haifa where the Law School prohibits the singing of Hatikva:



4.  Makor Rishon over the weekend published a survey of the political views of Russian-Israelis, a huge and growing portion of the population. 

The big news is the utter failure of the Left to make any inroads with them. Of Russian-Israelis claiming to have some political identification (most of them), 62% identify with the Likud, 30% with the Rightish party of Avigdor Lieberman, 7% with Bennett's party.
Only 4% identify with the Labor Party and none at all with Meretz.


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